AVG antivirus is best security software and it is well known for its protection feature. It completely protects your device and personal information all sorts of external and internal threat. You can install this software by going to its official website through www.avg.com/retail. But sometimes users face issues while updating this AVG antivirus.

You should try to remove this updating issue. For this, first you should Start the AVG user interface or you can double-click on the AVG icon on your computer. Then you should open the Options and after this go to the Advanced Settings menu. Now you should access the Manage option which is in the Update branch. After this, you should click on the Delete Temporary Update Files button. At last, you should try to update AVG.     

Solutions to Fix AVG Antivirus Not Updating Issue – Avg.com/retail

1. Delete Temporary Update Files:

For this, you should open the AVG window. Then you have to click on Options and after this, you should select Advanced Settings from the menu. Now you have to click on the + to expand Update and then you should press the Manage button. After this, you should select a Delete temporary update files option. At last, click on Yes option to confirm and this will clear the temporary update files.

2. Initiate Scan for Malware:

It might be possible that malware can block AVG updates. So, you must remove malware from your device and you can remove it with Anti-Malware. You should click on Free Download button on this page just to add the free Anti-Malware software to your device. After this, you should start a scan with this software just by clicking on its Analyze Now button.

3.  Turn Off the Windows Firewall:

Windows Firewall might be blocking AVG from updating. For this, you should open the Cortana search box just by pressing the Enter key. Now, you have to type “Windows Defender” in the Cortana search box and then you should open the Windows Defender firewall. After this, you have to click on either Enable or disable Windows Defender firewall. Here, you should select the options for disabling the Windows Defender firewall and hit on OK button. After AVG Updates, you can re-enable the firewall. If this method, do not solve the issue then you should try another method.

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Another Method:

1: Uninstall AVG:

To uninstall AVG, you should go to Control Panel and then look for the AVG program. In Windows 7, you should click on option Start and then select Control Panel, and after this, choose Programs and Features. In Windows XP, you should click on Start option, and then select Settings option. After this, you have to choose Control Panel option, and then you have to select Add or Remove Programs. At the end, click on AVG and then click on “Uninstall” option. Now, follow the instructions given on the computer screen.

2: Run the AVG Removal Tool:

First, save all your work and then close all documents. After this, you have to Download the AVG Remover tool. Now, you have to launch it and then follow the instructions. At last, restart your computer.

3: Reinstall AVG:

You should run the AVG installation by using AVG Antivirus Offline Installer installation file. For this, you should go to the AVG Downloads page. Then you have to click on “Download” button. Just choose the 32-bit or 64-bit version. In case, you download the incorrect file, then the installation process will fail. If it ask you to run or save the file, then you should click on Save or Save As option. Now, you should select your desktop as the folder. At last, run the downloaded file and after this, follow the directions to install AVG.

This method will solve the AVG antivirus not Updating Issue. If you are still facing the problem, then you should contact the AVG team through www.avg.com/retail.