AVG antivirus is the famous and best security software available in the market for the user. If you want complete security of your valuable data and device then you must AVG antivirus in your device through www.avg.com/retail. It is easy to use and offers user friendly interface to its customer. But in case, the user faces any problem related to AVG User Interface Issue then you must read this article. This article gives you the solution to fix the AVG User Interface Issue.

Solution To Fix AVG User Interface Issue: Avg.com/retail

1. Repair Your AVG Product:

For this, first you should press the power on button just to open your Windows Computer system. Now you should click on the start button which is on the lower left hand side of your computer screen. Then in the options menu, you should click on the ‘control panel’ option. In case, the ‘Control Panel’ is not available then you should click on the ‘settings’ option. Here in the ‘Control panel’ window, you should find the ‘Programs’ option. After this, just you have to select the ‘Category’ in the ‘view by’ option. Now you should click on the ‘Uninstall a program’ under ‘programs’ option. Here the window will open up which has the list of all installed programs. Now you have to select the AVG program which you want to repair from the list. Then just right-click on the program which you want to repair. You should click on the ‘change or repair’ option just to repair the program. At last, you should follow the instructions to finish the AVG repair.

When the repair is complete, you should open your AVG product and then check the AVG User Interface issue is resolved or not.

2. Uninstall Other Security Product:

If the issue still persists then you should check that your PC does not have any other security product installed on your computer system. In case, if there is any other security product then you should uninstall it. For this, you should click on the start button. Then you should select the Control panel option from the menu. After this, you should click on ‘Uninstall a program’ under the Program option. Now you have to select the conflicting antivirus from the list of programs. Here you have to right-click on that antivirus program and then just select ‘uninstall’ option to remove the application. Then follow all the instruction to complete the uninstallation procedure. When the process complete, you should restart your computer system and then open AVG user Interface in your computer system. If it is easily open up then the issue is solved.

 3. Reinstall Your AVG Antivirus Product:

If the above method does not solve the AVG User Interface Issue, then you should download the AVG Remover Tool and then run it on your computer. This will uninstall all the existing AVG applications on your computer system. After uninstalling AVG product, then you should install a fresh AVG product. This method will solve all the AVG User Interface issue.

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The above method will solve the AVG User Interface Issue. But in case, you encounters any issue then you can contact to the expert of AVG team anytime or you can visit to the site of AVG via www.avg.com/retail.