AVG antivirus is the most prominent and well-known antivirus. This helps to protect your device and data from online threats. Today people love sharing their personal views and news on Social Networking sites like Twitter, Face book, Instagram and Snapchat etc. But have you ever think the news which you share with your loved ones, strangers can took advantage of this information. Cyber criminals are also taking interest in your private life and can use your personal information for their personal benefit. So, AVG wants you to be secure on Social Media, they tell you the ways by which you could be secure and safe. You can install AVG antivirus in your device via www.avg.com/retail.

Ways to Protect Your Social Media Privacy:

Avg.com/retail gives you some ways of social media privacy:

  1. Don’t Share Private Information: Always keep in mind that you should never share your full name and address on Social Media sites because hackers are very smart by your full name and address they can guess your email ID. From the dark web they can easily purchase your email ID and can send you an phishing email to steal your sensitive information.
  2. Be Careful about Posting your Photos on Social Media: You should be very careful about posting any of your photos or the photos of your loved ones because your photo sometimes gives a lot of information about your personal life. Hackers can easily track your location and your identity through your photos. So, think twice while posting photos.
  3. Adjust the Social Media Privacy Settings: Every Social Media Platform has a privacy setting. You should decide who should see your pics, post and who can give you comment on your photos. For this, you should adjust the privacy setting; your post should be visible to everyone, only friends, friends of friends. You can also make a custom list for all your post.
  4. What type of Personal Data Social Media Sites Share and store: When you create a account on Social Media, they ask your name gender, email address. But sometimes they keep on collecting your information like what things you like, share and commented on. So, it is advised that you should not over share your personal information And always see that what other apps and websites are using your information.
  5. Use Online Privacy: Always keep your online privacy safe and secure. For better security use VPN network so that nobody can track your IP address and browsing history. And it is advised keep a strong password for your account.

For more information, you can visit to the official website of AVG via www.avg.com/retail