How to Protect Your Ecommerce Website from Cyber Attack?

Today, people generally opt for online shopping because of faster delivery, easy purchasing and amazing selling services offered to the customer. As during purchasing, people give the details of their finance so this gives the chance to the cybercriminals to steal their data. Now, this becomes essential to secure Ecommerce website from cyber attack so that the customer do not face any kind of data or financial loss. AVG team just wants their user to secure their ecommerce website from cyber criminals as this cyber attack is the biggest threat for their businesses. Hence, you can install AVG antivirus in your devices through  This antivirus gives you the unique features of Web Shield Protection so that you can safely surf on web, Identity Theft Protection to keep your identity safe from hackers, and it also secures your data from other cyber threats like malware and viruses. In this article, you will learn how you can protect your Ecommerce Website from Cyber Attack.

Protect Your Ecommerce Website from Cyber Attack:

  1. Use Secure E-commerce Platform: It is strictly advised that you should use object-orientated programming platform to make the ecommerce website designing and hosting easy. As this gives you strong security credentials, and offers you number of different security tools. And also fixes many loopholes and leaks in your website.
  2. Use Strong Password: Basically, the customers who visit to the site generally use simple and easy passwords when they ‘Signup’. But instead of using simple password, they should use unique, strong and complex password which are difficult to crack by the cyber criminals. It is recommended that you should create lengthy password, at least 12 characters in length. Because, small passwords are easy to crack.
  3. Encrypt your Data: It is very necessary that you encrypt your data when you are transferring important information. This will stop eavesdropping and other types of cyber-attacks. You should also use SSL certificates for your Ecommerce website because this will protect the financial information of the customer. It is recommended that you should encrypt all your stored data so that hackers cannot steal it from your server.
  4. Strong Firewalls: A strong firewall will help secure you from all kind of cyber attacks like malware, viruses and Trojan horses etc. Whenever it found threat on your website, it gives the alert warning. This will also defeat SQL injection and gives security from cross-site scripting hacks. You should always update your firewall setting as it creates a wall of defense between the threat and your device.
  5. Do not Store Data If Not Required: You should not store a customer’s sensitive financial data because this will becomes the easy target for hackers. In case, if hackers steal your customer’s data then this will spoil your reputation in the market. And this is also a rule that you should not store credit card or debit card information on your personal server. You can only keep the necessary information so that hackers cannot be able to find any information of your customer.

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