Keylogger is the short name of Keystroke Loggers. And keyloggers is the monitoring software or hardware which is designed in such a way that it records everything whatever you type on your keyboard like password, credit card details and private messages etc. It might be some device which is attached to your PC or some program which keeps the track of typing. Hackers will use it, to steal valuable information like usernames and passwords, credit card number and verification code, your entire chat history; it keeps the records of the websites which you’ve visited, applications which you’ve used, and documents you’ve opened.

This software is legal and easily available online. It is used by the companies, suspicious spouses and also by parents etc so that they can keep the record of other persons. AVG team just wants to inform its users about keyloggers. You can install this useful software through This security software protects your device from external and internal threat. If keyloggers get into the hands of wrong person, then they take advantage of it like other malware, it spreads through internet. When it is installed on your device, it runs in the background and keeps the record of your keystroke. In this blog, you will read how you can protect your device from Keyloggers.

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Protect Your device From

  1. You should always use an antivirus so that you can prevent suspicious apps from being installed on your computer system without your consent. You should use AVG Antivirus which quickly detects and blocks malware in real-time and also safeguard your valuable data from the latest threats, and unauthorized access. It also protect from malware, spyware, viruses etc.
  2. You should set up Firewalls in your device which blocks unauthorized apps from accessing the Internet. It also creates a wall of defense between the threat and your device. It also monitors the network traffic.
  3. You should Lock your PC when you are away from your device. So that, no one can take access over your computer when you’re not there. This will also protect your device from strangers.
  4. It is highly recommended that you should be careful on public or shared computers. And you should not access your banking, email, or social media accounts from public or shared computers, and also you should not send any sensitive information through chat.
  5. It is advised to use a reliable password manager just to access your accounts quickly and safely, so that you don’t have to type your details every time. Through this way keyloggers cannot be able to steal your login credentials.

The above method will help you protect your device from keyloggers. If you need any kind of assistance then you can call the customer care executive anytime anywhere from any device. The executives are well trained and qualified to solve your query. For detail information about keyloggers, then you can visit to the site of AVG antivirus through

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