Today Wi-Fi the wireless network has made the life of the internet user easy. Because with Wi-Fi connection, you can easily use the Internet on your computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other wireless devices. Earlier, people were using the wired networks which makes difficult for the hackers to steal your bandwidth and also to hack your network. But in wireless network, other people can access your Internet through your broadband connection. Hence, AVG team just wanted to aware their user about the Wi-Fi hacking attacks. You can install this best security software in your device through  This antivirus secures your device against all external and internal threat. In this blog, you will read the tips which keep your Wi-Fi network secure against hacking attacks.

Steps to Keep Your WiFi Network

1. Use Secure WPA Password:

You should always keep the password (or passphrase) of a Wi-Fi network is long and random so that hackers cannot be able to crack it. Routers come with its default settings, like the default administrator name and password so that you can immediately access and setup. But default settings, makes it easy for the hackers to access your network. Hence, you should change both the name of the access and the password so that it becomes harder for the criminal to access your device.

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 2. Change your Network’s SSID Name:

Basically, your Wireless Router’s SSID (or Wireless Network Name) is set as “default ”. But this does not make your network secure and safe so it is advised that you should change your network’s SSID name. You can make this setting, on the setting page of your router. When you made this setting, you will always connect to the right wireless network even if there are so many wireless networks available in your area.  And it is strictly advised that don’t use your name, home location or other personal information in the SSID name.

 3. Upgrade your Router’s firmware:

 You should always make sure that your router runs the most up–to – date firmware. Normally, your router will download the new firmware updates from its manufacturer directly. You just have to click on a button to begin this process. In case, your router wants you to upload yourself new firmware. In this situation, you just have to download the right firmware from the router’s manufacturer.  You can also manually update the router just by browsing the firmware file and then just start the update process. This method will protect your router against external threats.

 4. Use a Firewall:

You should use hardware firewalls which create a line of defense between your device and the attacks from outside the network. Mostly, routers have built in firewalls which detect and block the suspicious activity.

The above method will help you to secure your Wi-Fi against hacking attacks. If you need any kind of assistance, then you can anytime visit to the official site of AVG antivirus through

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