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Today, in this pandemic time it is very imperative that you keep your kids and family safe online because nowadays people prefer to work from home through internet like studies, businesses, office work etc., so that they can remain safe and secure. If your children are accessing information from internet, then you also want them to be safe online. But on the other side, hackers have taken advantage of this pandemic and they are trying to install malware in the user’s device so that they can steal their valuable data like bank details, financial detail, usernames and passwords etc. Hence, it is recommended that you should install AVG antivirus in your device through to keeps your kids and family secure online from internet scams like malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also from phishing attacks. In this blog, you will read about how you can keep your kids and family safe online.

Simple Ways To Keep Your Kids and Family Safe

1: Educate your Kids:

When you want to secure your family online, then you should first secure your kids because they are the weakest link of the family. It is very important that you should teach your kids about the suspicious activity online and also tell them if something went wrong, always inform your parents. And you should install security software in their devices so that your kids do not click on the wrong links and visit to the malicious sites. As this security software will give the alert notification of threat and blocks it immediately.

2: Remind Kids, The Value of their Identity:

You should educate your kids and tell them the value of their identity because sometimes kids expose their identity to theft and disclose their personal information online as they think that the stranger cannot be able to harm them online. But a child’s identity is as valuable as an adult. Attackers trap kids to disclose their Social Security number and other important details so that they can commit identity theft. You should remind your children not to give so much information about themselves to strangers like their date of birth, address, and SSN etc.

3: Beware of Phishing Scams:

May be the elder people in the family know that they do not have to click on the link which comes with an email from unknown sender. But you should aware your children’s about the phishing scams. You should teach your kids about phishing and also warn them not to click on the link which is there in an email because that link can be malicious and can damage your device. You must install security software which will quickly blocks the phishing links.

4: Use Password Management System:

As you all know that the Passwords keep your online account safe from hackers. So, it is advised that do not re-use the same password for multiple accounts, and also do not use passwords which are easy to guess. You can use a password management program, so that you can create unique and strong passwords for all your accounts. And you can also store all your passwords in one password manager.

5: Realize Cybersecurity is Very Important:

Hackers constantly making new techniques of attacks so it is very important that you should download the latest security updates and patches so that you can protect yourself against emerging threat. And you should keep your family informed about the new techniques which cybercriminals are following to steal your valuable data.

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