Due to the coronavirus, it becomes imperative for the people to change their daily habits to protect the health and control the spread of disease. Many companies are telling their employees to work from home, and students are also studying online from home. Hence, all the people depend upon the internet for their business and also for homely task. So, it is very necessary to keep your connections secure while working remotely. As cyber criminals took advantage of the coronavirus period and they make new techniques to attack the people. Hacker’s main motive is to steal the user’s personal information and make money out of it. So, AVG team wants its user to keep their connection secure while working remotely. The user can install this antivirus through www.avg.com/retail. This security software secures your personal information from viruses and malware. In this blog, you will read how you can keep your connections secure while working remotely.

 Tips to Keep Your Connections Secure While Working Remotely: Avg.com/retail

 1. Keep Close Contact with Your Employer:

If you are working remotely, then it is very important that you should always keep in touch with your employer. As the companies have changed their policies from work hours to travel. And also the employer might want to give coronavirus-related information on the company intranet. Hence, it is very important that you should know the new policies which will help to keep you, your coworkers, and also your business safe.

2. Use Your Company’s Tech Toolbox:

Generally, companies have tech tools which help to keep you cybersafe when you are working from home. This means that you do your work on company’s laptops and mobile devices. As this devices contain firewall and antivirus software with the security features like VPN and 2-factor authentication. You should use your company’s tech toolbox because these tools are designed to protect the company’s data and also the devices. As hackers always want to steal the company’s data whether you’re working from office or at home.

3. Do Not Download the Substitute Software:

As you all know that the employees always work in teams, so they have to communicate with each other regularly. And the company uses their collaboration tools like instant-messaging platforms and also the video-meeting rooms. But if in case, this tool isn’t working properly, then you should not download substitute software. As other software might have a security flaw, through which hacker can access your company data or any other personal data which is stored in your device. You should not use the substitute software because might the other software not provide the same protections.

4. Update Your Software:

You always get the notifications on your devices for the update of software. It is advised you should not ignore these available updates as these updates fix many patches and flaws in your device. You should also remember to configure your devices to update automatically. Updates also add new features to your devices and gives more protection against threat.

5. Keep your VPN turned on:

When you work remotely, it is advised that you should always turned on your VPN i.e. virtual private network which helps to protect the data which you send and receive when you work from home. And VPN also gives the secure link between the employees and the businesses by encrypting your data.

The above are some of the ways which helps to keep your connection secure while working remotely. For  more details about AVG antivirus, just go to the site of AVG via www.avg.com/retail.

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