How to identify fake Antivirus by AVG?

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As cyber criminals always use new techniques to attack on the user. But we should always be aware, mindful and keep an eye for the security of your device. We should always be aware what benefits a good antivirus provides. So, here we recommend you to use AVG antivirus as it the best antivirus among all antivirus. And it could be easily installed by visiting to its official website i.e. It has all the unique features which give complete protection to your device.

Before you connect with the internet you must open a private network to ensure that the antivirus is enabled. If the antivirus is not enabled, then it could load fake messages and emails which will put you in trouble. Also check the address of the senders email.

Identify Fake Antivirus:

If your system is loaded with the fake antivirus then, it comes with the more issues. You will find more pop up messages displayed on the screen specifically when you are connected with the internet. If your system get slower than before. But if the speed of the PC continuously slows then check your PC antivirus; it must have malware or virus in it. The most important thin g is if the homepage changes in the web browser.

How could you keep your device safe and secure?

  1. Enable firewall setting in your device so that it monitors your network traffic and also create a wall between the hackers and your device and keep you safe and secure www avg com retail antivirus has this feature of firewall setting.
  2. Please do not click on the pop up messages.
  3. It is advised that you should not install Pilfered software in your device as it contains lots of viruses and malware.
  4. Whatever you install in your computer should be purchased and also it should be certified and also purchase from genuine merchant.
  5. As we know that the infections or spam’s come to your device through phishing. So, it is necessary that you install smart antivirus in your system i.e

How you can remove fake antivirus?

You should start your system in safe mode and reset your browser setting. You must clean and delete all the temporary or junk files. You should download carefully any app from the internet because it might harm you. Use to scan your device. Always update your system as well as the antivirus which is installed in your device.


It will really helpful if you load AVG antivirus in your system as it is very beneficial for your device as well as it has great technical support which will help you in times of need. They are available for you 24/7. Avg.Com/Registration

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