AVG antivirus is the brilliant antivirus which fights against numerous infections in your device. It protects your device against malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and phishing attack. You can install this antivirus via www.avg.com/retail.  It detects all the dangerous websites and spam emails of your device. It secures your device against all damages. It consumes less space in your device but improves the performance of your PC.

If there is a corrupted block of data, malware infection and also a bug in the security software then the AVG scanner will not work. It is advised if your computer system have the latest Window Updates and patches so that it is compatible with the AVG antivirus.

If AVG Antivirus Scanner Won’t Finish:

  1. Check For Disk Errors: If this problem occurs then, check the Disk. Windows always comes with the disk checking tool which can see the problems which is their in your hard drives. To check that problem, first by right-click on your hard drive in File Explorer, then you have to choose “Properties” from the menu. After this, go to the “Tools” tab then you have to select the “Check” option which comes under the Error Checking heading. It will ask for the administrator password. If the problem still exists with the disk, then you have to follow all the instructions which is there on the screen to solve the error.
  2. Check For Malware: After checking the disk, then check for the malware. It is possible because of the malware AVG software cannot complete the scan. You should download any other antivirus without interrupting AVG installation. If the other security software removes the malware, then again continue the AVG scanner process.
  3. Uninstall and Reinstall the AVG antivirus: You should uninstall and reinstall AVG antivirus latest version via www.avg.com/retail : This removes the corrupted data, resets the application’s core settings and ensures you are running the latest version of the antivirus with latest updates. Remove the existing antivirus via the “Uninstall a program” link in Control Panel and then install the newest version of AVG.
  4. Reporting the bug: If you are not able to solve the problem and facing the bug and unfamiliar. Then report it to the company’s contact page. They may be asked for the information about your system configuration to solve the problem further, and they will tell you when your problem will be fixed.

For more information, just contact to the customer care executive via avg.com/retail.