AVG antivirus is the well known software which protects your device from latest threat. You can install this well known software through www.avg.com/retail. This software can be used on different devices like Window OS, Mac, Computer and Android Phones. It offers user friendly interface but customers encounters problem while installing AVG antivirus in your device. In this blog, you will read the solution of AVG Unable Install Vista Issue.

Solution To Fix AVG Unable Install Vista Issue: Avg.com/retail

  1. Download AVG Remover Tool to fix AVG Unable Install Vista Issue: Earlier if you are using AVG antivirus then your device must contains the traces of AVG antivirus while uninstalling this program. But these traces create problem when you are again installing AVG in your PC. Then you should download the AVG Remover tool and run it to uninstall all the traces of AVG. For downloading AVG, you should press the turn-on button in your computer system. Then you should open a web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla etc in your computer. And after this, you should type the official website of AVG antivirus in your computer. Then, you should locate the ‘AVG Remover Tool’ on the AVG website. After this, click on the AVG remover tool to download it. Now, the file is downloaded on your device.
  2. Install AVG Remover Tool to Resolve AVG Unable Install Vista: First, you should locate the AVG Remover Tool file in your computer system. Now, find it in the downloads folder of your PC. After this, you should double-click on the installer file on your computer. Here you have to click on Yes option, if it asks for the ‘License User Agreement’ to start the installation process. Now, you should follow the process to complete the installation in your PC. When the installation completes, you should proceed further.
  3. Run AVG Remover Tool to Resolve AVG Unable Install Vista: First, you should ensure that the AVG Remover Tool is downloaded on your computer system. Then you should double click on the tool just to open it. After this, you should click on ‘scan’ option. Now, it will scan your computer system just to find the traces of previous AVG antivirus. Here, you will see the list of installed AVG products on your PC. Just select the product and then you should click on the ‘remove’ button. Now your PC restarts while removing the products. At last, you can reinstall AVG on your Vista windows.
  4. Remove Other Conflicting Software: If there is any conflicting software installed in your computer, then also you cannot be able to install AVG antivirus in your device. So, you must remove that software. After you remove that software, then you can download AVG antivirus in your device.

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This method will help you to solve AVG Unable to Install Vista Issue. In case, you are still facing the problem then you can contact to the customer care executive of AVG team anytime. For details, go to the site of AVG via www.avg.com/retail.

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