AVG Business Edition helps to keep the business and the customer’s data safe from the emerging threats. It always keeps your employees safe online and secures your system from malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also from phishing attacks etc. User can very easily install this AVG security product in their devices through www.avg.com/retail. AVG Business Edition has the features of both AVG Antivirus Business Edition and also AVG Internet Security Business Edition. It gives comprehensive security protection for channel partners and for Small Businesses. It provides updated features for all your devices like Window OS, Mac, Computer, Laptop, and SmartPhones. Remote Administration feature allows the network administrator to remotely download, install, update, upgrade and also configure AVG antivirus across the computer network. In this blog, you will read how to download and install Remote Administration for AVG Business Edition.

How to Install AVG Remote Administration? Avg.com/retail

For this, first you have to go to the AVG Remote Administration Downloads page. Then, you should click on the name of your product and then you have to download the AVG Admin for Windows installation file. After this, you should run the downloaded file and then just follow the installation wizard. Here, you have to select the suitable installation type. If you want to install all the components of AVG Remote Administration then you should choose the Full Installation option. Now, you should Finish the installation.

When the installation of AVG Remote Administration complete, then AVG Admin Server Deployment Wizard will start automatically.

For this, first you should choose the required roles for your AVG Admin Server but if you have select Full Installation type then you should choose both roles.

DataCenter role – This will allows central management of AVG stations configurations and also collects the scan results from stations.

UpdateProxy role – This will mirrors downloaded update files for AVG stations.

At this point, you should choose your preferred database type. Now, you should choose the folder where the downloaded update files have been stored. It is advised that you should use the default folder. Then, you have to check the list of AVG update servers and these servers will be used on stations. After this, you have to check your settings of AVG Admin Server and then you should complete the Deployment Wizard just by clicking on Deploy.

After you have installed Remote Administration for AVG, then you should run the AVG Admin Console just to manage your settings or you can run AVG Network Installer Wizard just to install AVG clients on the stations in your network.

The above method will help you to install and download Remote Administration for AVG Business Edition. But if the user needs more information about AVG Business Edition, then you must contact to the customer care of AVG Support Team through www.avg.com/retail. The executives of AVG team are well trained and always available to solve your problem. You can call them at anytime from anywhere.