AVG wants their users to get complete knowledge about cyber threats. As hackers are getting smarter day by day so it is very necessary you protect your business from these threats. Your business valuable data and sensitive information stored in your computer devices get completely protected with AVG antivirus. You can install this antivirus in your device via www.avg.com/retail. This antivirus scans the data of your device and improves its performance. It gives updates on a regular basis and every updates comes with more protection features. It protects you from online threat by controlling and managing your network traffic.

Hackers get into your business by these ways:

  1. Staff Computing Device: Hackers steal the data from your business computer by -when it download a program into your computer without your consent, they send you emails with a link or attachment but when you click on these link they steal your data. By these ways your computer devices get infected.
  2. Network: In the network all your computer, servers, and network devices are connected to each other. This way is helpful because by this way you can easily share your data. But this opens the gate for hackers to get into your business. So, it becomes necessary that you protect your business from internal or external threat with AVG antivirus through www.avg.com/retail in your device.
  3. The Cloud: Cloud computing is very useful in businesses as this increases the efficiency of collaborative working. But sometimes convenience becomes danger. Cloud computing opens the door for data breaches and data loss. For protection you should have better cyber security and two factor authentication for cloud for business.
  4. Password:This is a key way for the hackers to get into your business. So, you must keep your password protected. It is an advice you should keep a secured password for your computer devices. It will be better if you take the help of Password Manager to keep your password.
  5. Install A strong Antivirus: You should install a strong antivirus i.e. AVG antivirus in your computer via www.avg.com/retail. It detects and blocks the dangerous websites or spam emails so you are protected from phishing attack. It took less space in your computer and gives complete protection against malware, spyware, rootkits, viruses, ransomware and also from phishing attack.
  6. Mobile Devices: If you are using the company device or bring your own device and uses it at your workplace, this opens the way for the hackers. So, it is very essential that you keep a strong PIN for your device. This practice keeps the hackers away from your office.

But if you want more information, then you can contact to the customer care executive of AVG team via avg.com/retail. You can even call on their toll free number any time.