Cybercriminals are the people who do crimes on Internet or do malicious activities on digital systems with the motive to steal precious information like bank details or other financial details to generate profit for their own benefits. Cyber criminals are not there at one place but they are present all over the world.

Their purpose of stealing data is to make money, to gain power, to steal your account passwords, sensitive information (e.g. Information of government institution), steal data which is very profitable for the reputation of your business and also they place software on your machine like adware and spyware.

How do cybercriminal attack?

  1. Phishing: In this Cybercriminals send you the official email from the site or app you are using. In that email they send you the link or attachment which pressurize you to click on that link. But when you click on that link, they ask you for your personal information like bank detail or credit card detail. Through this technique they not only attack one person but they target many people.
  2. Spear Phishing: This technique is exactly similar to phishing; in this also attacker send the email to the user but in this they do not target so many people but they target only the person who occupies the higher authority in the office. They used to research on you and then fool that person through mail.
  3. Malware: Hackers use these cyber attacks like they put virus, worms, use Trojan horse, and spyware attack to harm your device and data. They put these malware into your device to gain full control of your computer. So that they can delete, and amend files, capture your login details and infect your computer in all sense without your consent. They also use ransomware technique in which they gain access to your device and data and in return demand you to pay ransom for your device. If you do not pay the ransom your data is stolen or damaged.

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