AVG antivirus is the world class antivirus which protects your PC from all kind of cyber threat like Malware, Spyware, Rootkits, and Trojans and also from ransomware etc. It scans the data of your PC on a regular basis and increases its performance. You can install this antivirus via avg.com/retail. It introduces updates regularly and every update comes with more security patches. It is reliable and compatible for all the devices like laptops, PC, Android Phones and operating systems.

AVG Tune up fixes all the issues and maintains your PC automatically; optimizes it, free up the hard device space, and uninstall unwanted applications. It also removes the cache files, tracking cookies and old files.

What is the AVG Tune up features?

  1. Fixes and Maintains your PC: AVG Tune up fixes all the problem which you are facing. It tunes up your device every week. It tunes your Window Registry to avoid errors and crashes and fixes all the issues automatically. It cleans up automatically your browser history, tracking cookies, and cache files.
  2. Speed up and Tune up your PC: It your computer system takes too much time to boot and the programs runs very slowly like games stutter and also the web crawl slowly. For this problem AVG tune up has the feature of sleep mode technology. It sleeps down all the installed program which you not using right now and wakes them when you need that program. You can install this antivirus via www.avg.com/retail.
  3. Remove Bloatware and Junk Files: There are some toolbars and the software which comes preinstalled in your PC and takes up too much space and cause trouble, this tune up helps to remove all these programs. It also finds out the old unnecessary programs in your PC which you no longer use and forgot you had those programs; it also helps to get rid of those programs.
  4. Liberate your Storage Space: Your PC is continuously starts installing junk files like temporary files, and catche files, from the very first day and eats up lots up space in your device and cause lots of problems. So, this tune up deep cleans up your device and makes space for the stuff that you really want. It also removes files from the browser and makes it lighter, faster and less buggy browser.
  5. Makes your Programs up-to date: This software checks all your installed programs such as Java, VLC and Skype and updates it to the latest version on a regular basis so that it gives more protection to your device.

But if you are still facing any kind of issues than you can contact to the customer care of AVG for help and support via www.avg.com/retail. You can also call on their toll free number at any time and at any place.