With AVG remote administration you can efficiently manage your business in the office or if you are on the road. AVG antivirus has given lot of advantage to the travelers by this feature. By this way, you can give more time to your business and can protect your business from any kind of danger. You can install this antivirus via www.avg.com/retail. This feature helps you to manage thousands of devices remotely with single PC; it also helps you to create predefined scan schedule of your device and it also helps to identify the non compliance machines and give alert and also customize the reports.

How AVG remote administration works automatically?

This is a simple and quick tool which helps you to identify the non-compliant machines and gives you the alert warning so that you can take action. So, AVG remote admin works automatically, you have to update or install AVG on any device from the network, you have to initiate a scan to prevent from malware, it cleans and clear the infected machine, to fit the needs of specific workgroups it configure and apply policies. With AVG remote administration you can feel safe wherever you are. You can install this through www.avg.com/retail.

There are four AVG remote Admin Components:

  1. AVG admin console: AVG admin console, instantly check the status of every computer system, it shows the statistics of any workstation, it remotely shut down your system, it also helps to run graphical status reports, it gives the preview of test results of individual workstations, it regularly scans your device, it also customize the endpoint notifications, and also it manages the contents of the virus vault.
  2. AVG network Installer: AVG network installer monitors the installation status and also adds endpoints for remote installation, it also discovers the unprotected endpoints, it initiates the AVG protection for unprotected endpoints and it also add endpoints by using the domains or IP ranges. You can install this prominent antivirus via www.avg.com/retail.
  3. AVG admin console: It helps to encrypt the communication between AVG-protected endpoints and the AVG Data Center, it acts as a proxy server to give updates to endpoints within the local network, it also synchronizes the settings for all the endpoints, and it also checks the performance of network communication.
  4. AVG Data Center: AVG data centers schedule the information, logs, reports, and policy information. It manages your network security from anywhere.

For more information, about AVG antivirus you just have to visit to the official website of AVG via avg.com/retail. You can even call on their toll free number for more details.