When the user surf on the internet, it might be possible that other people and hackers are tracking your online activities. So, it is very necessary that you that you keep your personal information and data private. Because your personal data contains username, password, financial and credit card details which other can use for their own personal benefit but if they steal your information you have to suffer a lot. In this case, you have to prevent other people or hackers from tracking your online activity. You cannot be properly deleting your cookies properly. Hence, AVG gives you measures so that you can prevent people from tracking you on Internet. You can install this trusted software through avg.com/retail. You should always browse on the secured network and your browser should be equipped with plug-in or extensions which helps to secure your online privacy. In this blog, you will read how AVG prevent people from tracking you on Internet.

Prevent People From Tracking You On Internet:

  1. Use Privacy Plug-in and Extension: You must install plug in and extensions in your browser’s settings. You can also download this plug in directly from the creator’s website. As this will protect your online privacy and prevent people from tracking you.
  2. Cookie Setting In Your Browser: Basically, cookies are the files which save data of your internet browsing history. Hackers use these cookies to track your browsing history and use this for their own benefit. To stop others to track you, you should go to the settings menu, your browser have privacy options. You can use this privacy option to control your cookies
  3. Switch To Secure Browser: You can download the Tor browser for secure browsing experience. But this browser, Tor is linked with the Dark Web so some sites might raise a red flag. You can use Firefox which is secure browser and provide great online privacy. The default browser Chrome can be tracked by Google. The Brave browser also gives privacy and security to its users, and block third-party ads, trackers.
  4. Change the Password and Default Name of your Router: When you setup a new router, it comes with a default name and default password. You must change the default name and password of your router because it is vulnerable to hackers. You should set up complex and unique password which should be consisting of letters, numbers, and other characters.
  5. Install AVG antivirus: You must install AVG antivirus in your device through www.avg.com/retail as this will provide your data and device a firewall setting feature which creates a wall between your device and hackers. It also gives you web shield protection, so you can securely surf on the web. Also you must update your device as well as your security software because it fixes many security flaws and gives more protection features to your gadget.

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If you want more guidance, then you can visit to the official website of AVG through www.avg.com/retail

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