AVG antivirus gives total protection to our devices. And it is very easy to install this antivirus through this site www.avg.com/retail. But sometime while installing, downloading, or activating we face some error code 0xe001003d. These error codes occur due to the improper or incomplete installation, corrupt download, missing files etc.

Causes of the Error Code 0xe001003d:

Most frequent causes of this Error are the active window crashes every time, PC frequently crashes, Event exec finished are displayed on the screen, window responds really slowly and the computer system frequently freezes.

Fix AVG Error Code 0xe001003d:

Step 1: Repair Registries Linked with error 0xe001003d:

First click on Start button then type the command in the search bar without pressing enter key. Then move to the next step, press “ctrl”, and “shift” and enter key all together, then click on yes option. Now, type “regeditin the open window and press enter. Then in the registry editor select the key. After this select Export from the file menu. Then in save in list, select the location where you want to place the backup key.  Enter the name of the file, in the file name box. Then select the selected branch option in the Export Range menu. At the end click on save the file, the file would be saved in the .reg file extension. Now the backup file is ready related to registry entry. Avg.com/retail

Step 2: Initiate a complete malware scan for Computer:

This may be reason of this error. Complete scanning of your PC delete all the malware and registry entry from your computer. Avg.com/retail

Step 3: Using Disk cleanup or Cleanup system Junk Files:

First click the start button then type the command in the search bar without pressing enter key. Then press ctrl, shift and enter key all together. After this click Yes, then in the open window type “regedit” and press enter. Then disk clean up will begin and choose the temporary file to clean. After this selects the checkboxes you want to clean and then press ok. Junk files will be deleted from your computer.

Step 4: Update the device driver of your Computer:

First select the start option and select the device manager in the search box, then click on the expand option, select your device and then select update drivers. At the end select search automatically for the update drivers. You can also reinstall the drivers.

Step 5: Utilize Window system restore to undo Recent System Changes:

To use system restore first click the start button then type system restore in the search bar and then press enter. After this enter administrator password. Then follow the steps to choose a restore point. At last restore your computer.

Step 6: Uninstall and reinstall AVG antivirus:

First go to the start button then open program and features, then click on the control panel and go to programs and click on programs and features. Then locate the AVG antivirus and click on the AVG antivirus. Avg.com/registration

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