Five Security Layer of AVG antivirus:

AVG antivirus gives the world class security to your internet connected device like laptops, Mac, Android Phones, and PC. It is easily installed by It has the security feature of firewall, safe source mode, camera trap, and anti-theft website. It has many products for your protection like AVG Ultimate, and AVG Internet Security etc. It protect against all kind of viruses like malware, spyware, trozans, rootkits and also from online threat. It blocks all the dangerous websites and gives you the alert sign. Its fast scanning feature scans the entire data of your computer and gives protection when you are offline or away from your computer.

Security Layers of :

  1. Computer Protection:

AVG real time protection protect against all kind of threat like viruses, spyware, rootkits, trozans, malware and also from online threat. It is a fast scanner, reliable and compatible for your gadgets.

  • Web and Email Protection:

Any link if you are opening and app if you are downloading if it is unsafe, AVG blocks that website. If there are dangerous emails in your PC then it will also block that email attachments so that you can enjoy your online activities.

  • Hacker attack protection:

AVG has a firewall feature who works in the background so that the hacker will not be able to steal your valuable information or data from your PC. It acts as wall between the hackers and your device.

  • Private Data Protection:

This security layer hides all your private photos, and files and also protects them from your family, friends and thieves so that cannot see which your photo is or file.

  • Payment Protection:

This security layer protect you, so that you could not give your valuable credentials like password or credit card information to the hackers, blocks spam and protect you from fake websites.

Best AVG features:

It gives the Web browser protection so that you can do online activity without any worry, its anti-phishing feature protects your valuable credentials from theft so that they do not steal the information and put malware in your computer. It gives AVG VPN (Virtual Private Network) so that you can do secure browsing without any online threat, it updates your computer timely, and AVG also has heuristic analyses so that they can detect new threat.

You can easily download AVG antivirus through and enjoy its protection features. It also has the great technical team who provides assistance 24 hours and 7 days a week. They are experienced and qualified, so they can give you full help and support about AVG antivirus. You can call them at any time and they will receive your call on single bell. You don’t have to wait for so long.

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