AVG antivirus is the robust antivirus which gives complete protection to your device from threat. You can install this widely known antivirus software through www.avg.com/retail. This antivirus offers advanced threat protection to you gadgets like Window OS, Mac, Laptop, Computer and Android Phones. It provide amazing features for Android Phone like Anti-Theft and Camera Trap, this means if your device gets lost or stolen it could be easily find through these features. This software scans your device so that malware does not harm your gadget. It timely gives you updates to fix the patches and provide more features to your gadget. It secures your device from external and internal threat and also protects your online privacy by monitoring your network traffic. In this blog, you will read the features of AVG antivirus Pro Android Security.

The features of AVG Antivirus Pro Android Security are it helps to Scan apps and games in real-time, enable to locate your lost phone through Google Maps, it destroy the software which slow down your phone, it helps to Monitor and Optimize battery, it provide storage and data package usage, most importantly it hide your private photos in an encrypted Vault, it scans your Wi-Fi networks for encryption issues, weak passwords and all other kind of threats.

In case, when you install the Premium App then it gives you App Lock feature through which you can protect your sensitive apps through password. Camera Trap feature gives you the photo of anyone who is trying to unlock your phone through email. Device Lock feature locks your phone when you replaced your SIM card.

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Premium App gives your device great security and improves its performance. It offers you great protection by scanning apps and games so that malicious content does not install in your device. It also scan the websites to protect your device from harmful threats and also get redirect you to the “Safe Page” if it found the threat. It also gives you WiFi Scanner, Analyzer and Inspector for network encryption, password strength, Captive Portal and ARP Poisoning. It improves the performance of your device by monitoring battery consumption to optimize and save power, it kills the programs which reduces the speed of your device, keeps the track of your mobile data plan usage and also optimize storage space both internal and SD card.

It provides you Anti-Theft Feature for your Mobile. In which you get the amazing features like you can locate your lost phone through Google Maps, Lock your phone and set a lock screen message, you can also make your phone shout so that you can easily identify its location even if it is on silent mode, you can wipe your phone and SD card content, Camera Trap and Device Lock features are also its great feature which helps the user to locate its phone easily. You can also maintain your privacy through AVG antivirus by Hiding all the private photos in a password-protected Vault, App Lock which lock your sensitive apps to protect your privacy and safety, set Call and Message Blocker to protect yourself against hackers and scammers, Delete call history, Wipe contacts, text messages, photos, browser history, and you can also restore the device to factory settings.

These are all the features which are provided in AVG antivirus Pro Android Security. If you want more info, then you can visit to the site of AVG through www.avg.com/retail.