Features of AVG Antivirus and disable firewall on AVG Internet Security:

AVG antivirus is the best known software which protects your device against the malicious malware, spyware, and all kind of viruses. It repairs the infected files in your system. AVG internet security has the AVG Firewall which monitors incoming and outgoing network so that malware affect your system. Its Antivirus Pro feature for Android which protect the user against spams. You can easily install AVG antivirus just go to the site avg.com/retail.  It does not affect the performance of your system and consumes little space in your device. This antivirus is light weighted, simple, and smart.

Features of AVG internet security:

1. Firewall:

It protects your computer against hackers and their attacks. This feature monitors the traffic as well as the internet connection. All IP attacks are blocked by the firewall feature. It secures your private photos, data, files and password.

2. Ransomware Protection:

With Ransomware protection, you can protect your personal documents, files, and photos from malicious attack. Through this you can modify the files that are set in advance by applications and also do not let you change files without permission. In short it gives you total control over apps which can change or delete files.

3. Data Safe:

Through this feature you can hide certain files in your computer system. All you have to do is set some password for that file. The files which are protected with password, don’t forgot that password. If you forgot, then you won’t be able to access the hidden files.

4. Web Cam Protection:

This gives protection against the illegal accessing of the web cam. Stop Web Cam Spying keeps the hackers away from your home. This tool allows only trusted apps to use your web cam.

5. Web Shield:

This gives protection against threat when you use internet. It blocks the cyber threat and download of harmful files.

6. E- Mail Shield:

This blocks the download of dangerous and infected files which come with the unsolicited emails.

The AVG Internet security is equipped with other features like File shedder, Anti-Spam, Fake Website Shield and also behavior shield.

Disable Firewall on AVG internet security:

First, go to Start Menu and press AVG internet security. Then click on the Program option. Now click the Firewall Tab and select Change which is next to Firewall Mode. Click on the option “Turn Firewall Protection off”. To disable the firewall click OK. But if you want to turn on Firewall, then return to the Firewall screen and select “Automatic Mode” to turn on.

If still have any query, then go to the official website of AVG i.e. www.avg.com/retail.

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