AVG antivirus is the popular software which provides various benefits to its user like fast scanning, reliability, compatibility and friendly user interface etc. And this security product can be installed through www.avg.com/retail. This software gives several benefits to the Android users like Camera trap and Anti-Theft website. In this blog, you will read how to locate, lock and unlock your Android Phone by using AVG.

Method To Locate and Lock Your Android Phone by using AVG:

If the user wants to locate the mobile device, then keep in mind that the device must be registered under Anti-theft services. The user can locate the devices through two ways: by using the Anti-theft website and through SMS command.

To locate the device by using the Anti-theft website: first you should login to your AVG MyAccount. After this, you should select the device for which you want the information. Then, you can use the lock, locate and wipe option via AVG Anti-theft website.

To locate the device by using the SMS Command:

1. If you want to sound an alarm – AVGshout

2. If you want to locate the device – AVGlocate

3. If you want to lock the device – AVGlock

4. If you want to wipe the device – AVGwipe

And if you want to lock your phone and your Anti-Theft password is 1234, then you should borrow your friend’s phone and type text “AVGlock 1234” (without quotes) to your lost phone to remotely lock the phone so that others cannot use it.

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Method to Unlock a Phone Locked by AVG:

If the user forget their PIN, then you should follow the below steps:

1. Use previous SIM card:

To unlock the phone, you should enter your previous SIM card. For this, you should start your phone with the previous SIM card. After this, disable the SIM lock feature in your AVG Antivirus just under the Anti-Theft settings. Now, insert the new SIM card in your Phone.

2. With the Help of “Forgot PIN” link:

You should properly connect your phone to the Internet. Then, on the lock screen of your phone, you should tap on Forgot PIN. After this, Avg.com/retail antivirus will send the email to your email address which is associated with your AVG My Account. Just open that email and then tap on the PIN reset link. Now, a new website will open up and then you can reset your PIN. At last, use the new PIN in order to unlock your phone.

3. With the Help of avgmobilation.com:

For this, you should navigate to the www.avgmobilation.com and then log in with your AVG My Account which the user have used while setting up the Anti-Theft service in your phone. After this, visit to the Unlock tab on the website and then tap on Unlock to unlock your Phone. At this point, just wait for few minutes so that your phone synchronizes with the new setting and your phone will be unlocked. Again, change the PIN through www.avgmobilation.com and then disable the Device Lock and device Administrator options in the Anti-Theft settings.

For help, the user can contact AVG support team through www.avg.com/retail.