AVG is the popular antivirus software available in the market. But sometimes user find issues while installing AVG in their devices. Hence, in this blog you will read the solution to fix AVG Wont install on Window 10. If the user needs any support, then you must call the customer care of AVG antivirus via www.avg.com/retail.

Solution To Fix AVG Won’t Install on Window 10: Avg.com/retail

1. Delete your Previous Antivirus:

To fix the AVG error, you should ensure that you do not have antivirus software installed in your computer system. If in case, you missed this, you have to delete the current one and then again try to install AVG antivirus in your device. Always remember, when you install software, it installs many files and also the Registry entries to work properly. So, you should also ensure to delete all the files, folders and Registry entries of your previous antimalware tool. You can also use the CCleaner tool to remove the temporary files.

2. Check System Requirements:

You should also check that your system must have the minimum AVG requirements. Otherwise, the installation process cannot be able to complete. Always remember that AVG can run on any version of Windows, from the XP Service Pack 3 version to Windows 10.

3. Check for Updates:

In this, first you have to press the Windows Key + I just to open the Settings app. Then, you should visit to the Update & Security section. After this, you have to click on the Check for updates button. Now, Windows will check for available updates and then it will download them automatically in the background. At the end, restart your PC.

4. Restart your PC:

You have to Restart your PC before installation. If in case, it works for some time, then there is a possibility that it is running some applications which blocks the installation of the antivirus software. By rebooting, just ensure when you install AVG, only the necessary applications for the operation runs.

5. Run as Administrator:

You should locate the application shortcut, and then right-click on it and then choose Properties. After this, you should go to the Compatibility tab and then Run this program as an administrator. You have to click on Apply option and then OK button to save the changes. Now, you should run the install.

6. Install the Latest Version:

You should ensure that you install the latest version of AVG antivirus software. If in case, you bought this antivirus from the store and but now you are trying to install it from the original CD, then the problems may occur because that version is not compatible with your system. It is suggested that you should install the latest version from the official website.

7. Completely uninstall the software before reinstalling it:

You should download the AVG Remover software. Then you have to open the uninstaller and then just click on the Continue button to begin the process. You should ensure that you tick all the boxes and then you have to click on the Remove button. After this, you should click on the Restart button just to reboot your computer system and then finish the process.

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The above method will help you to fix AVG Wont install on Window 10. If the user is still finding issues, then for more information just visit to the site of AVG via www.avg.com/retail.

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