AVG antivirus is the well known security software and provide user friendly interface to its customer. It quickly detects the malicious websites, attachments, and fake links and gives you the alert notification so that it does not harm your device and data. You can install this useful security program through www.avg.com/retail. It improves the performance of the system and keeps it well optimized. It is light in weight and consumes less space in your device. It control and manages the network traffic and protects your device from unauthorized access. It scans the data on regular basis to protect your valuable data from malware and virus.

But sometimes the user faces problems with the activation of the software. Before activating the AVG software the user must know that the subscription of AVG product is for one device or for multiple devices. In this blog, you will read the easy way to activate AVG subscription.

Activate AVG SubscriptionAvg.com/retail

Check the Subscription via Confirmation Mail:

To check this, first the user have to open the AVG purchase confirmation mail. After this, in the product name, you should check the limit of the devices. You should also check in the list of products which products is available with the download link.

Check the Subscription via AVG Account:

For this, first you have to log in to the AVG account with your registered email ID which you have to enter during the purchase of the software. After this, in the “available for” section, you can check the device limit.Now, under the “need to redownload” link is available for download against each product included in the subscription. Then, you can move to the activation process and can activate AVG product through the activation code or through the AVG account.

Activation of AVG product through the Activation Code:

For this, you should open the purchase confirmation mail. Now in the Email, you should scroll down to the license number section. From here, you should copy the activation code. After this, you have to paste the activation code in the activation code field and then you will see the subscription will be activated.

Always remember, if you have purchase AVG antivirus product offline then the activation code will be there on the activation retail card.

Activation of the AVG Software through AVG Account:

For this, first you should open the AVG account. Then, you should go to the AVG product for which the activation code is needed. After this, you should copy the code to the clipboard. Now you can paste the code in the activation code field and then the subscription will be activated. This is the easy method, through which you can activate AVG Subscription. But in case, you face any problem then you can freely call the expert of AVG team anytime from anywhere on their toll free number. The experts are available for the customer all the time. For detail information, you can go to the site of AVG via www.avg.com/retail.