AVG antivirus is the best and trusted software which protects your gadget from external and internal threat. It gives amazing features for the benefit of the user like Identity Theft Protection, Camera Trap Feature, Reliability, compatibility, web cam protection, user friendly interface and Anti-Theft Feature. The user can install this security software through www.avg.com/retail. Hence, in this blog you will read how to install and update AVG antivirus.

Installation Method Of AVG Antivirus: Avg.com/retail

For the installation of the AVG antivirus, you must have the license for the AVG product. After this, you will see a window which contains the run option. Now, you will see a prompt window with the Yes option. You just have to click on that option. When you confirm, then AVG will perform the download of the necessary components of the software. Then, you should agree with the License Agreement. After this, just click on Install Now option which is available on the window. Here, just wait for the download and installation process to complete. After this, you will go to the prompt window where you should create an account. Here, the AVG antivirus software will run and update the antivirus just according to your computer system. Now, you should click on the Finish button. When the installation complete, just restart your system and check that the antivirus is installed properly.

Activation Method Of AVG Antivirus:

For activation, you should go to the AVG antivirus program icon in your computer system. Then just right click on the icon, and you will see that the option to ‘activate’ the software is available, you just have to select that. Now, through your registered email ID, you will receive a license number. You just have to enter it in the specific field and the activation process will start. Now, the scan is complete.

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How to Update AVG Antivirus Software?

You should download the latest version of AVG Antivirus from the website. Then just save the file on the desktop and restart your system.After this, you should login into your computer system, and just double-click on the AVG setup file on the desktop and then you have to run it. Here, just select the language you prefer and then click on ‘Next’ option.After this, you should select the type of connection which you would like to prefer. Here, you have to prefer ‘basic connection’. Now, you have to click on Next option so that the AVG download manager begin download the latest program file. When the download completes, you have to check the License Agreement and then just click on Accept option.Then you should select from the options for preferred installation types that is Typical or Custom and then click on Next. Here, you can make the changes in the username if you want and then click on Next option. After this, you have to start the process of installation of the update and when the update process completes, it will automatically replace the previous version of AVG. At the end, you have to restart your system.

The above method will help you to install and update AVG antivirus. In case, the user needs any sort of support or help then they can call the customer care of AVG antivirus without any hesitation through www.avg.com/retail.

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