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Today, all the companies stored their valuable data in computers. So, it is very important that you should take security measures for protecting your company’s data. As hackers are continuously adopting new techniques of cyber attack to steal your valuable data. For complete network security, the companies must use latest technology to prevent their important data from hackers. AVG antivirus team just wants to tell its customer about the data security measures. You can install this antivirus software through This antivirus scans the whole data of your device to secure it from malware and viruses. This software gives complete protection to your device from all kind of cyber attacks.

What are the Data Security Measures?

  1. Keep Strong Passwords: Keeping the strong password for your accounts is the easiest way to ensure data security. Basically, employees set default passwords, which are very easy to crack by hackers. For complete data security you should keep complex, strong and unique password. Password should be the combination of symbols, numbers and letters. You should not set password based on your date of birth, anniversary date as these are easy to crack.
  2. Enable Firewall Setting: You should enable firewall setting in your device as this feature ensures network security by controlling and managing the network traffic. It quickly detects the infected data and blocks it and gives you the alert warning of threat. It creates a wall between the device and cyber threat.
  3.  Install Antivirus Software: You must install AVG antivirus through in your device. As this software stops the unauthorized access to your device and scans the data regularly. It gives the feature of identity shield which protects your identity from hackers.
  4. Update Device and Software Regularly: You should update your device regularly as update makes your device to the latest version. You should also update your antivirus software as it fixes many loopholes and gives more security to your data and device.
  5. Create Data Backup: You should take the backup of your data regularly in the hard drive or in the cloud. As backup ensures the safety of your sensitive data. Backup of data is very helpful when the device get damaged or data loss due to cyber threat.
  6. Implement Logical And Physical Security: Companies should adopt the strategy of authentication, authorization, encryption and passwords. And also run antispyware and virus-detection programs on server. For physical security, you should adopt strategies like restricted access, storage and locks on the server.

These measures will protect your data from unauthorized access. But if you want more details, you can visit to the official site of AVG antivirus through

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