AVG antivirus is the popular security software which quickly detects and blocks the internet threat like malware and viruses. And the user can easily download and install AVG via www.avg.com/retail. This software is completely compatible with Android Phones and it gives special feature for Android like Anti-theft and camera trap. In this blog, you will read about the Anti-theft feature of AVG for Android.

Anti-Theft Web Interface: Avg.com/retail

AVG Antivirus for Android provides its users many options for remote control and they can also send specific commands to the device if there device gets misplaced. These are some of the options:

  1. Select device: If there are some devices which are registered for using the same Google email account, then here the dropdown list will allow you to select the device to locate.
  2. Device Name Edit: This feature allows you to give the device a nickname.
  3. Shout: In this, you can make the device to sound an alarm even if it is in silent mode so that you can easily locate it.
  4. Locate: This will make the device to send its location to the Remote Management web server which will help you to locate it.
  5. Lock: This feature will lock the device with a password just to secure it against misuse. In this option, you can also edit a lock message which will appear on the locked device. Keep in mind that this is a one-time action as when the device is unlocked, then it becomes necessary to lock it again if you wish to keep it remain locked.
  6. Unlock: With this feature, you can unlock the device by using the password. Then the lock screen will no longer appear on the device.
  7. Wipe:  This feature will wipe all the personal data from your device and also format the SD card. Remember that, this action is irreversible and the wiped data cannot be stored in your device.
  8. Remove device: In this, you can remove the device from the list of devices by using the Remote Management web interface.
  9. Anti-Theft password: This feature allows you to change the password so that you can send SMS commands to your lost device. When you are changing the password then your mobile device should be connected to the Internet.

Activate Text Message (SMS) Commands: avg.com/retail

If in case, your device is lost or stolen, then you can send text message commands to phone from another phone. For this, you should set Sound an alarm on your lost device, you should locate your lost device on a map, then you should Lock your lost device and then wipe the personal data from your lost device.

And to activate this feature, you should create an Anti-Theft password so that you can use in your text message commands. And to create a password, you should open AVG Antivirus for Android and then click on the Anti-Theft tile. After this, you should click on the Anti-Theft Password. Here, you should create a password of at least 4 characters in length.

The above method gives you the complete knowledge of AVG Anti-Theft feature of AVG for Android. If the user need more knowledge about this feature then you should visit to the site of AVG antivirus via www.avg.com/retail.

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