Generally people don’t want the exposure of personal information like personal photos, and some hidden facts about them. But nowadays involuntary data leaks become common. Not only, has the common man become the victim of this crime but also the celebrities were targeted too. Hackers get into the lives of the people; use their personal information for their benefits. Most of the time their main motto is to make money. In this case AVG antivirus helps in protecting their personal information. You can install this antivirus through

It has a unique feature of firewall which creates a wall between the hacker and their device like laptop, PC and Android Phones etc. Its advanced features include Web Cam protection, Reliability, Compatibility, fast scanning, Web shield protection, Anti Theft and Camera Trap feature. This antivirus gives you high class protection from all kind of threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and also from cyber attacks.

Tips to prevent your Personal Information:

With AVG you can prevent your all personal information which you do not want share with any person which are personal memories. So, AVG antivirus gives you certain tips, so that you can protect yourself.

  1. Use Security For All your Accounts: Whatever account you are operating like instagram, twitter, facebook and email must have contain some personal information like date of birth, name and address which you do not want to share with anybody, but it could be easily hacked. So, it is very necessary that you secure your account. To secure your what’s app, use double layer security such as two factor authentication. Secure your accounts with password which is very for you to remember and difficult for the hackers to crack.
  2. Backup your Files And Photos: Back up services which are there for you on the cloud can easily be cracked by the hackers, so for this you can keep the back up of your files and photos offline which is the perfect solutions to keep the records safe and secure.
  3. Download a Mobile Security App: Android phones already have in build security features but for more security and safety of your mobile and your personal data, it will be good if you install AVG antivirus in your mobile through . This not only prevents your device and data from malware and viruses but also gives you alert signal when it will found danger on your device.
  4. Use Mobile Security Features: It is an advice that always use mobile security features because if you drop your phone to unknown place by mistake. So, lock your phone with strong password, activate tracking feature in your phone so that it could be easily found with the anti theft and camera trap feature. Wipe out the phone’s data to prevent illegal access.

By following small things in your day to day life you can easily protect your personal information. Installing an AVG antivirus in your device through add more security to your device.