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Today mobile banking has become common among the people. This makes the work of the people easier and comfortable because by just sitting in homes and offices, they can do transaction through mobile banking. But this facility also gives rise to cyber threat because of the customer lack of awareness. But one strong measure to protect from cyber threat is that all the persons who are doing mobile banking, can protect their mobile by just installing one best antivirus in their device i.e. AVG antivirus, which could be installed by just visiting to the official website i.e. www.avg.com/retail.

Threat Faced on Mobile Device:

  1. Madware and Spyware:

Madware is mobile adware. In which adware collects the data without your consent and gives you ads on your mobile. And the work of the Spyware collects data based on your internet usage and this also sends advertisement. This also collects information about your location and your contacts. So, this creates a problem for everyone.

  1. Viruses and Trozans:

Viruses and Trozans can also attack mobile devices. These can steal your important or personal information from your mobile, which can harm you.

  1. Drive by Downloads:

If you visit to the dangerous websites or spam emails, through this you might be exposed to drive by downloads by which malicious file like adware, spyware or malware will be download on your mobile.

  1. Browser Exploits:

If you notice that your mobile browser homepage has unexpectedly changed this means that you became the victim of Browser exploits.

Protect yourself from Mobile Threat:

  1. Keep your software updated:

It is very essential to keep your software updated because software updates always comes with the more security patches which keeps your mobile protected from cyber crime.

  1. Choose best Antivirus:

For the protection of your mobile install best antivirus i.e. AVG antivirus through avg.com/retail in your mobile. It keeps scanning your device timely. And protect from all kind of viruses and malware.

  1. Always use a password on your Phone:

You should always use a password on your mobile, so that nobody steals your important information from your mobile.

  1. Install a firewall setting:

Generally mobile does not come with the firewall setting, so install firewall setting in your mobile to protect your mobile against all cyber threats and maintain your online privacy.

  1. Download app from the official app stores:

You should always buy the apps from the well known stores, to keep your mobile safe from all kind of threat and also from any kind of risk.


It is good to do mobile banking, but always follow the step which keeps protecting your mobile from threat so that your personal information should not leak. Another proactive measure is to install AVG antivirus through avg.com/registration

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