Check fraud is very common in businesses but it is the biggest challenge for the financial system. Cyber criminals manipulate checks to defraud consumers and businesses. Hence, both consumers and businesses have to suffer great financial loss from check fraud. AVG gives some tips for businesses and for consumers so that they cannot become the victim of check fraud. You can install this well known antivirus software through This antivirus supports the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computer, and Android Phone. It protects your device from hackers so that they cannot steal your identity. It also safeguards from malicious website and dangerous links as it gives you the alert warning before it harm your gadget. It regularly scans the data to protect your device from malware and viruses. Because of increase in cyber crimes, you must.

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Check Fraud Prevention Measures for Businesses:

  1. It is very necessary that you check your bank statements regularly to avoid irregularity in bank statement.
  2. You should also ensure that the authorized signers of the company should not be the same person who reconciles the account.
  3. You should properly know your employees to avoid fraud in the company.
  4. Also ensure that two people are responsible for accounts payable.
  5. You should keep all your check stock and cash in a secure place and also in locked facility.
  6. You should regularly change the keys and entry codes for better protection.
  7. You should organize surprise audits in your company to avoid the risk of fraud.
  8. You should avoid taking check and go for electronic payment.
  9. You should properly understand your bank contracts and read properly the liability for fraud.
  10. You should maintain healthy relation with other businesses so that you timely receive inform about the fraud occurrence and take protective measures to protect your business.
  11. You should use bank services such as positive pay as it keeps all information like check number, bank information and date etc. As this will secure your accounts’ payables and accounts’ receivables.
  12. Regularly deposit your check which you receive from other company.
  13. You should close the account, if the payment account is fraudulently being used.
  14. You should be very careful when you are using the refund account like rebates for subscriptions as through this way of attackers commit check fraud.
  15. When you receive large amount of payment through check, then you should always check the negative file databases.
  16. It is an advice that you should not accept third party checks like payroll or government checks as these may be stolen.
  17. If you receive large amount of payment through check then always use Electronic Check Verification Service.
  18. It is very necessary that you should properly know your customer from whom receiving check.

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