Celebration vibes of New Year starts with the online shopping. Big companies gives good discounts on Online shopping and people also preferred to do online shopping and this is a great idea too, as it saves lots of our time and we don’t have to roam around here and there for products. But online shopping is sometimes being dangerous.

 So, AVG antivirus wants their customer to be safe and secure. So they give some tips, so that their customers enjoy online shopping without any tension. Generally hackers always finds ways to attack the user by different means but this way is easier for them because user gives its sensitive information like credit card detail, bank account number, password without any kind of pressure. Hackers do not have to force them.

The protective measures which AVG gives are firstly to download good antivirus software in their device. And AVG is the most trusted brand which gives your device high class security. You can download this antivirus via www.avg.com/retail. This is the safety tip when you are doing online shopping because antivirus protects you from cyber crooks, so that they cannot steal your sensitive information. Antivirus creates a wall between the hackers and all kind of threat.

Secondly, it is advised that check the vendor you are purchasing the product means check its official website. The website should be verified. Because hackers nowadays create the fake websites which look like the original ones, just to steal your information. Check the URL, it starts from https://, this ensures that the website is safe and secure and you can share your personal information, while doing online shopping.

Thirdly, always update your browser because your browser should be up to date when you are doing online shopping. Update browsers have more security patches. This does not give the chance to the cyber crooks to steal anything. It is very important that your browser should be of the latest version.

Fourthly, you should not use Public Wi-Fi because they contain malware and viruses. If it is very necessary to use public Wi-Fi then use VPN i.e. Virtual Private Network through which hackers cannot reach your network and they can’t be able to know what you are working on. It is advised that you use private network because they contains private password.

It’s good to do online shopping in this digital era, but your prevention is in your hands, so just install AVG via Avg.com/retail for the proper security of your device. And they provide good technical assistance too.

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