Internet becomes the basic necessity in your daily lives so hackers took advantage of this and started stealing your personal information through internet. So, it becomes essential for the user who is using internet connected devices that they must install antivirus in their devices to protect themselves from cyber attack. Hence, AVG antivirus is the world famous software which gives you total protection from internet scams. You can install this trusted antivirus software through This software detects the cyber threat immediately and removes it from your device by giving you warning sign. This antivirus has introduced 3 AVG antivirus products which make the life of the user easy and hassle free. The AVG products are AVG Antivirus, AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate. You can choose any of the AVG products according to your requirement. Here, in this blog you read the difference between the AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate.

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Difference Between AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate:

AVG Internet Security:

If the user wants the excellent protection for their device, then they should go for AVG Internet Security. This antivirus gives you protection from malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also from phishing attacks. Besides this, it also gives you the additional feature that is backup and recovery option. With this storage facility, you can remotely access your data from any computer. It provide you great features like real time protection, regularly scans your device to protect from threat, It gives you spyware protection and remove it from your gadget, it prevent your device from key logging attack, it gives you instant messaging protection, email scanning to protect you from phishing attack, gives you identity protection, provide you two way firewall and anti-spam Email filter. It offers web browser protection, so that you can securely surf on the web. This product of AVG is better than AVG Antivirus.

AVG Ultimate:

If the user requires the best software among the entire antivirus then they must purchase AVG Ultimate. As this software gives full protection from internet threat. It has all the features of AVG Internet Security. It also includes AVG PC Tune Up which provides you Disk Cleaner and Duplicate Finder just to clean the junk and duplicate files. It also improves the speed of your device by quick scanning of your data. It protects your devices like PC, Mac, Android Phone and Laptop. It provide great features like Real-time Antivirus Protection, Manual Antivirus Scanning, Spyware Protection & Removal, Keylogger Protection, Rootkit Detection & Removal, Instant Messaging Protection, Email Scanning, Anti-phishing Web Protection, Identity Protection, Two-way Firewall, anti-spam Email Filter, Disk Optimization, Duplicate Finder, PC Tune-Up and also gives you Mac Cleaner. This antivirus is best for the users who are not a gamer, as this provides overall protection from all kind of internal and external threat.

Hence, both the antivirus is good for the user. You can choose any of the products according to your requirement. For detail description about products, you can visit to the official website of AVG via